Volume 10
, Issue 2


At some stage of our school life, most of us would have sent or received coded messages from our classmates.

General mathematical principle: To investigate a complicated situation apply simplifying transformations, investigate the simplified situation, and try to transfer this information back to the original situation.

I have been doing some work on the $n$'th prime number, but was impeded for some time because of the lack of prime numbers.

This game is a contest between two gladiators in an arena consisting of a 20 $\times$ 20 grid.

Determine all ordered triples $(a,b,c)$ of natural numbers, $a\geq b\geq c$, such that
$$\frac{1}{a} + \frac{1}{b} + \frac{1}{c} = 1$$
Prove that you have found all solutions

"Excursions in Geometry" by C.S. Ogilvy

J241 By inserting brackets in $$1\div 2 \div 3 \div 4 \div 5 \div 6 \div 7 \div 8 \div 9 ,$$
the value of the expression can be made equal to $7/10$. How?

J231 A man goes to an auction with \$100 and buys exactly 100 animals.