Volume 10


Anybody who knows where he is going is happy, unhappy people wander aimlessly in circles.

Contributed by P. Diacono of St. Joseph's College.

This note reports on some work which arose out of a discussion of unit or Egyptian fractions.

It is a matter of observation that paint tins are depressingly similar - they are all right circular cylinders of finite height.

Recently I've bought a tiny calculator and discovered the following ways of doing rapid calculations:

The game of three dimensional noughts and crosses is played on four layers of $4\times 4$ grids, as shown in Figure A.

For the first time ever, in this division, the first prize winner, Alan Fekete, solved every part of every question correctly.

"Tricks Games and Puzzles with Matches" by Maxey Brooks

J251 Framer Jones grew a square number of cabbages last year. This year he grew 41 more cabbages than last year and still grew a square number of cabbages.  How many did he grow this year?

J241 By inserting brackets in $$1\div 2 \div 3 \div 4 \div 5 \div 6 \div 7 \div 8 \div 9 ,$$
the value of the expression can be made equal to $7/10$. How?