Volume 13


A recent letter to the magazine "New Scientist" drew attention to the following unexpected fact: if two bowlers perform equally well in one innings, but differently in the next, their overall performances may still be equal!

Here is a very pretty argument for finding the area of a circle:

In answer to my article in Vol. 12 No 3, the editor has asked if it is always possible to select numbers $A$ and $B$ to satisfy the conditions of the formula.

So far, we have received only one contribution concerning palindromic numbers.

I would like to relate a paradox I have discovered concerning quiz programmes similar to "Jepoardy".

In a small outback town, the local drunk, Mr Terry Bull, has been found murdered.

Generally speaking, the performance of the entrants was disappointing.

Q.357 Chess-players from two schools competed. Each player played one game from every other player.

Q.333 Two trains $A$ and $B$ are travelling in opposite directions on a line with a single track and wich to pass with the help of a siding (see figure).