Volume 14
, Issue 2


The marvellous formula of Euler, $V-E+F=2$, can yield interesting results other than that concerning the Platonic Solids.

This article looks at some of the mathematics used by actuaries, and how it describes some features of our lives.

To solve a mathematical problem does not just mean to perform a certain number of manipulations. The most important thing is that the solution should be complete.

More on $\tan 1^\circ$

Of the 4 suspects, one is the murderer, one is totally innocent, and the other two are witnesses.

Find a set of four different prime numbers such that the sum of every three of them is also a prime number.

Q.381 A square cake has frosting on its top and all four sides. Show how to cut it to serve nine people so that each one gets exactly the same amount of cake and exactly the same amount of frosting.

Q.357 Chess-players from two schools competed. Each player played one game from every other player.