Volume 16
, Issue 1


Newspaper readers may have noticed earlier this year, buried away on an inside page, a small item announcing that someone had recently found, in a Dutch bookshop under a pile of rubbish, an old book which happened to be the only known surviving copy of Gerandus Mercator's original World Map.

When I think of Euclid even now
I have to wipe my sweaty brow.

This column will be devoted to comment and discussion on some of the questions from recent Higher School Certificate examination papers.

The young R.A. Fisher is said to have visited a local museum and come across a labelled skeleton of a fish.

In Parabola, Volume 15, Number 2, Paul Rider described a modified Pascal's triangle shown above.

This rather tricky problem appeared in Volume 15, Number 1

Editorial note: Question 454 is incorrectly labeled as 464

Q.441 Prove that the number $111\cdots 11$, consisting of 91 ones, is a composite number.

Q.417 Let $a$ and $b$ be integers. Show that $10a + b$ is a multiple of $7$ if and only if $a-2b$ is also.