Volume 19


According to Francis Bacon, perfect ciphers may be recognised by the following virtues: "that they be not laborious to write and read; that they be impossible to decipher; and, in some cases, that they be without suspicion."

In 1981 and 1982 there were some 4 unit questions on the conical pendulum.

The 1983 International Mathematical Olympiad was held in Paris in July.

In the Junior Section of the competition there were three questions which were fairly easy, two rather difficult, and one impossibly so.

Scot McPhie of Kings School Paramatta, has written asking for help in writing a programme for the Apple computer

There is much interest in the origins of science, with a view to understanding the creative process of the human mind.

Q.576 The game of Yellow Pigs is a favorite pastime at Hampshire College's Summer Science Training Program.

Q.551 Solve the system of equations
\begin{align*}u^2 + v^2 +w^2 & = 49 \\
\frac{1}{u} +\frac{1}{v}+\frac{1}{w} & = 0 \\
u - v + w & = 1\end{align*}