Volume 23
, Issue 2


One of the more fascinating and unexpected discoveries of modern mathematics is the soliton.

I hope that girls reading the title have already retorted: "Why shouldn't she if she wants to!"

This note is a sequel to the article on underpromotions in chess published in the previous issue of Parabola.

In Randwick, the cats, I declare,
They number one third of a square,
If a quarter did roam,
Just a cube would stay home.
How many, at least, must be there?

Q.696 $k$ is a whole number. There is a pile of $N$ coins shared amongst $n$ brigands as follows:

Q.708 A four digit number $abcd$ has the property that $a+b = c\times d$ and also $a\times b = c+d$. Find all possibilities.