Volume 37


I drive about an hour each way to work each day through heavy commuter traffic. Some days I can do the trip in under forty minutes whereas on other days it may be closer to two hours.

Everyone reading this article will be familiar with calculators. One of the problems we face using them is that they have a limited precision: usually $8$ digits, sometimes $10$.

In this paper we note the following property shared by all positive integers.

Henri Poincaré was born in 1854 in Nancy, France. At school he was one of the top students in every subject, and his mathematics teacher described him as a “monster of mathematics”.

Two of our readers have made comments about some matters in earlier issues of Parabola.

Q1105. A hollow square is an arrangement of dots in a square with a central square left blank. For example here are thirty two dots arranged in a hollow square.

Q1098. Consider the $2000$-digit number which begins with $1000$ $4$’s, next has $999$ $8$’s and ends in a $9$. Find its square root.


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