Volume 38
, Issue 1


Did you notice our new format? I hope you like it! This is a time of new beginnings for Parabola as we hand over our publishing to AMT Publishing.

A conference was held recently at the University of New South Wales to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of well-known local mathematician George Szekeres.

The ‘Happy End’ problem is a geometrical problem that has permeated George Szekeres’ life.

On 26 October 2001 a large block of ice was unveiled inside an ice fridge at Darling Harbour in Sydney to launch the start of the “World’s Coolest Tim-Tam” promotion.

Thiz iz a nartical on a voy ding miss takes.

In May of 2000, the Clay Mathematical Institute (an organisation at MIT) organised a meeting in the Coll`ege de France in Paris, where, among other things, two prominent Mathematicians gave a list of 7 Problems for the Third Millenium.

We have four red cards, four blue, four yellow and four green. Is it possible to arrange 15 of these in a $3 \times 5$ rectangle in such a way that no two adjacent cards (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) have the same colour?

Q1111 A grandfather clock takes 30 seconds to strike 6 o’clock. How long does it take to strike 12 o’clock?

Q1105. A hollow square is an arrangement of dots in a square with a central square left blank. For example here are thirty two dots arranged in a hollow square.