Volume 23
, Issue 1


Greetings to our Readers! First of all I would like to draw your attention to some changes in our journal.

It is not easy to construct chess positions in which it is rational to advance a pawn to the eighth rank and promote it to a rook, knight or (especially) a bishop.

Have you ever cast a second glance at the ten digit codes now found on most books? A random volume from my bookshelf carries the message

ISBN 0140050930.

Architecture and geometry are old friends. Often architects borrow interesting shapes from geometers, but traffic in the other direction is less frequent.

Q.696 $k$ is a whole number. There is a pile of $N$ coins shared amongst $n$ brigands as follows:

Q.672 Find the least natural number whose last digit is 6 such that it increases by the factor 4 when this last digit is carried to the beginning of the number.

Q.684 $B\hat{A}C$ is an obtuse angle. A circle through $A$ cuts $AB$ at $P$ and $AC$ at $Q$.