Volume 27
, Issue 2


I know what I am - I'm an actuary. But how many other people know what an actuary is?

It all started (as we keep saying) with the Greeks. In this case with a certain Eubulides, philosopher-about-town in Athens of the 4th century BC.

Since 15 across is a 2 digit cube, and an integer, it is either 27 or 64. Assume that it is 64.

Senior Division

First Prize:
Bein,  Kendall      James Ruse Agricultural High School

Alice's and Bert's ages combined total 11016 days.

Q.840 (i) Let $\alpha ,\beta$ be two distinct solutions of $$x^3 - x^2 - x + c = 0.$$ Simplify $\alpha^2\beta + \alpha\beta^2 - \alpha\beta$.

Q.829 (i) let $c$ be any integer. Show that the remainder when $c^2$ is divide by $4$ cannot be either $2$ or $3$.