Volume 14


Several thousand years ago, magic squares were being used by Indian astrologers in their calculations of horoscopes.

$\pi$ is an important universal constant and appears in many fields of mathematics and theoretical physics.

Can you identify the next term of the series: $1,5,32,228,1675,?$

Angle-Trisection has a history of its own. It has aroused much interest in the minds of students and teachers alike.

Recently I came across the following problem: "I have a circular fields radius 100 meters, and a goat...."

In Vol. 14 No.'s 1 and 2, the problem of finding the digits of $1001^{1000}$ was posed.

The solution to the cross-number puzzle given in Vol. 14 No 1 is

The standard of performance in the 1978 School Mathematics Competition was much the same as it has been for some years

Suppose you are given a maze which you have to travel right through (there is an entrance and an exit)

Q.393 Show that if $n$ is any integer greater than 2, of the fractions $\frac{1}{n}, \frac{2}{n},\frac{3}{n}, \cdots ,\frac{n-1}{n}$ an even number are in lowest terms.

Q.369 Find a five digit number which when divided by 4 yields another 5 digit number using the same 5 digits but in the opposite order.